Can You Get Pet Insurance Before Surgery

Can you get pet insurance when  your pet needs surgery and will they pay for it?

Question : Can I get pet insurance  before surgery ? 
It is going to be too  late to get pet insurance for that specific illness or injury  if your pet is already sick or injured and needs surgery or any operation.

 Pet insurances will only cover “new” illnesses or injuries. It will also exclude injuries or illnesses that are caused or related to your pet’s pre-existing condition.


The same goes for “preventable” medical conditions such as pregnancy. If your pet gets pregnant before (and in most cases, even during) the effectivity of the policy, it is not payable under your medical insurance benefits.

Your pet’s surgery will not be paid by the insurance. Because this  injuries are already part of your pets’  pre-existing condition and it is automatically won’t be included in the pets’  policy and your pet won’t be able to have these policy benefits.



Pet Insurance in Case of a Surgery Requirement

If your pet has a curable illness , the insurance companies can evaluate and determine whether that sickness  can be reinstated and included in the coverage of the policy.

For this, you need to prove (with a confirmed medical reports and records) that that illness or injury has not recurred for a specific period.



Unfortunately If your pet’s needs surgery and it has medical reports and records for this or if these appear when you apply for insurance , These operations won’t be covered by the policy.  This includes diseases such as skin lumps, orthopedic injuries, allergies and cancers.

Because of this It  is highly recommended that you get your pet insured before it does not have any  illnesses. In this way , when your pet does get sick or  need surgery, the insurance company will pay for it.

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